Monday, February 27, 2006

Black Tails: War, Sex And Race

It has been a well known ( sometimes not acknowledged) fact that during both World Wars I and II that the U.S. government went out of their way to ensure that interracial dating and courting would not occur between Black American soldiers and White European women. The U.S. military in collaboration with some European governments issued propaganda to spread rumors to suggest that Black American male soldiers were half human and half ape/monkey...They even went so far as to suggest that these Black American soldiers possessed monkey tails under their uniforms!!! By promoting these vicious and unfounded lies the guilty parties thought that they would scare White European women from seeking these "savages"...But like the old saying goes curiosity is what killed the cat and in this case that is what literally happened!!! Some Black soldiers even stayed behind in Europe after both wars to live with these White European women, eventually getting married and/or creating and/or raising children!!! While the allied forces were occupying France, my grandfather even met a Black American man from St. Louis who lived in France ever since he came over as a soldier during World War I...He had a beautiful White French woman as his wife and several beautiful children and they all lived in a beautifully furnished home in the heart of Paris!!! THE LESSON: NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF JUNGLE FEVER!!!

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