Saturday, March 11, 2006


I once asked my grandfather did they have gays serving in the military during his time in the service…He told me in his matter of fact yet casual tone, "Yeah fella we did"…Then I asked him were they "flaming" or very opened and public concerning their sexual orientation and he told me without hesitation that a few were openly honest with their same sex preferences, but at the same time these few openly gay soldiers were not intimidated by anyone easily because they knew how to defend themselves being that they were highly skilled in the martial arts and rifle marksmen…Knowing that info first hand my grandfather said that few people in their right mind ever dared to mess with them if at all…He also said some of the gay soldiers worked in the Army cafeteria and kitchen which would have provided another incentive not to mess with them because like my mom always tell me you never want to harass the people that fix your food...The moral of the story: JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE CAN BAKE A CAKE DOESN'T MEAN IT WOULD BE A PIECE OF CAKE TO WHUP THEIR A**!!!

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