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(7/12/2008) Soldier Boy Grip Comic & Commentary Of The Week...

(c) R2C2H2 Tha Artivist/Ronald Herd II From The Arthur 'Soldier Boy Grip' Taylor Chronicles

The following was written by a great and gifted close family friend,Uncle Marvin Butler, in immediate response to the passing of the person who actually inspired this comic strip, my maternal grandfather the late great Arthur 'Soldier Boy Grip' Taylor Sr. (June 20, 1923 - August 12, 2005)...This is also dedicated to 'The Darker Band Of Brothers' of 'The Greatest Generation":

The Ballad Of Soldier Boy Grip
By Marvin Butler

Let me tell you the story of Soldier Boy “Grip”

What happens to him is really a Trip

Young Black Buck straight of Missipp

He was in the Second World War

Thinking of his sweetheart back home

And his sons and daughters not yet ever born

And if he had killed a 1,000 Germans when he pulled the trigger

Would the only name they call him would it still be Hey Nigger!

But, he had to endure the shame

And it didn’t matter if they knew his name

Because he was helping to pave the way

So that his children could have a better day

And the pain of Soldier Boy “Grip”

Having his Commanding Bars stripped

All because they said he broke some laws

But, as time went by come to find out all it was all a lie

Time has pressed on 40 years have come and gone

And it took until his children started to groan

About the misjustice their father had to face

Just because of his skin color and race

So they petitioned about their father’s condition

The United States Government admitted the wrong

And distinguished medals were finally sent to Soldier Boy Grip’s home.

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